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 Nowadays, making money from domain names is at its peak. Millions of companies have long realized how profitable the World Wide Web can be, and now they are looking to sell their domain names for more than they bought years ago.  Buying and reselling domain names is a new trend in the Internet business, with billions of dollars in turnover. In addition, domain names are a stable option for profit, as the Internet business is booming, and for an easy-to-remember, popular name, people and companies are willing to pay good money. 

 Before you start investing in domains, you should understand what a domain is, how domains work, how to get the maximum profit, and which domain names are in high demand. 

 So let's start by defining a domain. A domain is a site address or a specific zone that has its own name. It is used to identify a site for a particular country or region. There are no identical domain names, and therefore this investment market is competitive, and the price for the same domain increases every year, and the profit can be from 100 to 1000 percent. 

Why is it profitable to invest in domains?

 The first, as described earlier, is a large percentage of passive income.

 The second is a relatively small amount to start investing, from $10 and more.

 Thirdly, domain names rarely get cheaper, which is practically a win-win option, as a result of which investing in a bank, in this case, will be considered a riskier type of investment. 

 Fourth - is the emergence of new domain names, which today cost little, but in a year they can become world-famous.

Ways to invest

 At the moment, there are two main ways to invest in domains: directly, registration and selection of domain names with their future resale; the second way is the repurchase of domains, the profit from which is up to several tens of times greater. 

 When you got to this page, you probably already decided to buy a domain, for personal use or investment, and then the question arose before you, where to buy a domain? So for domain registration, there are special sites where you can easily find a place to buy your domain name. In the bulk, a domain is registered for a period of 1 year and at the end of this period, it must be renewed.

 Registration of a new domain name takes a little time and the price of the issue starts from $10 per year. But there are also difficulties. After contacting any domain name registrar, you should check if the requested name is free. In the event that the desired name is taken, you may be offered a domain interception service (an attempt to register a name after the payment period has expired).  

 If the domain is free, you can register it and pay for it using any of the modern payment methods available to you. Another, but less effective way, is to buy a domain, which should be maintained for several years until its price increases significantly. After this domain has risen in price, it should be put up for auction and sold for an "impressive" amount.

 If you decide to register your own domain, you will probably be puzzled by the following question. What domain names are in the most demand? Of course, these are short but memorable names. The simpler the name is written and the better it is remembered, the greater your potential profit from its subsequent sale.

 Remember that domains consisting of one word always sell faster than complex domains of several, albeit beautiful words. Most often bought and in demand are domains consisting of three or four letters. In professional slang, they are called "sweet" or "delicious". The most "sweet" and "delicious" of them are domains in the COM zone. It should be remembered that a short domain is only half the battle. You should come up with a consonant and easy-to-pronounce site name. Perhaps the most pleasant plus of "sweet" domains is their pricing policy. Usually, prices for such short domains grow at lightning speed, reaching sky-high prices. This area of ​​short domain names is rapidly expanding, because all the world's companies want to take a "pleasant for perception" address.

 Also, brand name plays a big role. But, in no case, you should not register the domains of various well-known companies, corporations, and brands, because you may lose such domains. They will simply be taken away through the court, by the companies that own this brand.

 Where to look for buyers for the domain? Wherever you wish: on forums or specialized sites. Additionally, you can create a page with contact information and text that you are selling the domain. Then place it on the domains you sell. Interested parties will contact you.

 Your next step is to evaluate the domain. The most difficult question is how much to evaluate a domain when buying or selling. As a rule, the evaluation of a unique domain is carried out using special online tools. A number of Internet services will help you assess the quality of a domain name, as well as calculate its future value. 

 Such services are independent, most of which provide accurate data. There are paid and free services, of course, it is more reliable to use the services of proven paid systems. But, do not forget that you are the official buyer of the domain, who now wants to sell it. And only at your disposal what price you can set.

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