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We all know that an insane amount of videos are uploaded to YouTube every single day!

This is not a secret.

People will continue to upload videos for years and years and it'll only continue to rise!

And the majority of these videos have links in the description area, so the owners can drive traffic to their website, offers, lead pages, etc.

As marketers, it’s what you’re supposed to do to get traffic from YouTube.

However, over time many of these YouTubers forget to renew the domain that's posted in their description area!

Yes, you read that right!

We can’t tell you why these YouTubers forget to renew their domains, but we can tell you that it happens every single day!

To get just one domain that is still actively linked to on a monster site like Wikipedia?

Not only will that domain continue to benefit from the insane ranking authority that comes from having a link from Wikipedia, but you'll also benefit from all the click-through traffic that lands on Wikipedia.

And just like YouTube... Wikipedia links out to millions upon millions of privately owned websites for reference so they can solidify the content posted on their site.

However, over time, some of these privately-owned sites let their domains expire!

But as the saying goes, someone else's trash could be your gain!

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My Traffic Jacker Features

Direct-Link Affiliate Marketing

 This’s probably the most obvious & many of Joshua Zamora et al’s users' favorite monetization strategies. It is the easiest & fastest to deploy.

  All you have to do is simply allow My Traffic Jacker to find these gold-mine domains for you, pick them up, and start redirecting the traffic to any affiliate offer you would like. 

 Heck, you can even redirect the traffic to a rotating link so that you send traffic to multiple different offers & find the one that converts the best.

Direct-link Product Marketing

If you have your own products, this can be very powerful (but also very sneaky) to generate sales for your own products. 

 You are able to use My Traffic Jacker to find domains that are in the same niche as you and start redirecting all that traffic to your site instead. 

 Yup, imagine being able to find one of your competitor's domains that they forgot to renew and you are able to pick it up for just $10 & set up a simple redirect to your website!

MASSIVE List Building Profits

 Remember, many of these domains you will be finding are still getting 100s (and sometimes even 1000s) of visitors every single week!!! 

 Instead of sending them directly to an affiliate link or a sales page, send them to a squeeze page 1st and reap the amazing rewards of building an email list.

Passive Adsense Profits

 This’s another user favorite since it is a “set-and-forget” method to profit from the domains you will be found. 

 One of the quickest things you can do is turn these domains into simple AdSense revenue websites. Since they will be coming with traffic & authority built-in, this’s a very powerful & simple strategy to deploy.

Simple Domain Flipping

 Many of the domains you will be hijacking are going to contain extreme levels of domain authority. 

 Not only are they aged domains that most likely had some great content on them, but imagine how much value they will have from still having a live link on 

 Or how much value they will have from still getting click-through traffic from Youtube! SEO Marketing & Agencies alike would pay BIG money for domains that have active links on Wikipedia. 

 Just simply purchase these domains, and Instantly list them on Flippa or any other domain flipping site and cash in big!

Build a POWERHOUSE Private Blog Network

 Can you imagine how much ranking power you are able to generate by having just a handful of domains that still have live links from Wikipedia? It’s the SEO marketer's dream to get domains with that kind of authority. 

 With My Traffic Jacker, you’ll instantly be able to build the most powerful Private Blog Network (PBN) known to any SEO marketer and rank for just about any niche you would like. 

 Just having 1 or 2 backlinks from a domain that has a live link from Wikipedia is sure to send any site of video straight to the 1st page of Google!

Buy and RENT your Private Blog Network

 Just like above, if you rather not use your PBN to rank your own content, you can simply rent it out to other SEO marketers & collect a very hefty monthly fee for getting backlinks from your PBN.

Resell The Domain BACK to the original owner

Yup, this one can easily tread on many people’s moral compass, but can still be extremely profitable. Sometimes life gets in the way & the original owners just simply forgot to renew the domain before the grace period was up. 

 You are able to offer to sell it back to them for a quick $250-$500 (or more). Not bad of an ROI on your $10 investment, right?

Authority Redirect Rankings

 This’s another quick & simple strategy. With this strategy, you simply pick up the domain and instantly redirect it directly to any YouTube video or niche website to give it a massive increase in rankings! 

 Heck, just one redirected link to any niche website or Youtube video from a domain that has a live link from Wikipedia is priceless and will yield massive results!

Rank your eCommerce website or Amazon Store Listing

Just like redirecting these domains to your niche website or YouTube Video, you can also leverage these domains to rank your eCommerce site and/or Amazon store listing. 
 Can you imagine the power of combining a domain with a live Wikipedia link & the massive authority of Amazon? You would dominate your entire niche!

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