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Binsta will help you grow your Instagram followers and traffic, which would lead to sales. 

Here are some of the features of BinstaApp that make it invaluable to businesses.

 Post Now/ScheduleThis feature helps you to directly post to your Instagram or schedule unlimited posts to go off at specific times. You can automate posts to your Stories or Albums  and Newsfeed. You can automate video posts or photos. You can also schedule posts for as long as you want.

 The Auto Biolinks Scheduler is an incredible feature and one of my favorites. Your biolink the only way to send your visitors to your sales page or store. This feature automates your biolink update. That means you can schedule when your biolink to update automatically without you manually doing that. Set multiple automation schedules and watch how you can direct your traffic effectively to relevant offers and links.

 The Hashtag Creator tool is used in creating hashtags quickly before use, thus saving time and generating trending hashtags.

 The Lead Search module helps you to search for leads by hashtags, places or influencer usernames. This generates highly targeted audiences based on hashtags, places and popular Instagram influencers. You can easily plug this audience into your campaign to drive sales.

 The Auto Like is one of the best tools to interact with posts of new Instagram users or users you follow. It increases account activity. It automatically helps you like posts randomly depending on your target settings.

 The Auto Follow feature automatically follows relevant targeted audiences as if you were doing it yourself. All you need to do is select your target audience’s interest, location and influencers and it will automatically identify people who match these demographics and follow them. 

 The Auto Unfollow feature does the exact opposite of the Auto-follow feature. It naturally unfollows a select part of the people you are following so that you can maintain healthy followers to following ratio. Remember that Instagram rewards account with a high follower to following ratio with more organic visibility. 

 The Auto Repost is a very useful feature to re-post random temporary posts. The feature will select random posts according to selected targets, re-post them and will remove them after a stipulated time. This is good for engaging your followers and building rapport.

 The Auto Comment module helps to automate the commenting process on Instagram. This feature can put you in the eyes of your target audience right in the comment section of top influencers. Simply set your target influencers and niche and it will automatically post comments to their post as if you were the one doing it.

 The Auto View Stories helps you to automatically view stories of people and accounts they are following, thus encouraging them to view your profile back and eventually follow you.

 The Auto DM feature is used to directly interact with Instagram users. Helps you to reach and sell your offers right in the Dm of your customers. They can see and reply to Instagram DMs in real-time.

 The Auto Welcome DM automatically sends welcome messages to new followers thereby building rapport and trust in your brand

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BinstaApp is a cloud-based Instagram Automation, Growth and Sales Software that helps automate your Instagram activities to generate hordes of targeted traffic for your business.

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