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 The secondary market for domain names is dynamic. No two domain name assets are the same, and it is very difficult to assign an exact value to a domain name. Many companies go out of their way to offer domain name evaluation services, and this article is about domain evaluations. and the valuation of domain names. 

 A domain valuation is the evaluation of a domain name based on a variety of metrics. There are a number of factors that go into evaluating a domain name. 

    Domain Evaluation Factors 

  • Popularity index of the domain’s extension
  • Domain Age
  • Domain History
  • Length of the domain address, it is suggested to keep it shorter for easy remembrance
  • The Domain Rating DR
  • The Domain Authority DA
  • Spam Index
  • Quality of Links
  • Number of Monthly Users
  • Latest selling ratio of similar domains
  • Market demand for the domain-based niche

  Many of these factors are quantitative in nature, but there are also qualitative factors that need to be considered. Comprehensive domain name reviews have a "human factor" and involve a domain market expert reviewing the entire review to ensure the accuracy of the review. 

 Many domain ratings give a rating range for the domain name. For example, a domain valuation can range from $5,000 to $15,000, which means that if appraised correctly, a person or business could potentially pay anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 for the domain name, depending on how they like it your business or website needs. 

 Domain name valuations can be subjective, and due to the dynamics of the market, there is no guarantee that a domain valuation will be accurate or nearly accurate, even if the domain name valuation is performed by an expert in the field of domain investment valuation...

 Most companies that offer detailed domain valuations charge a fee to do so, although the fee depends on the service and the number of domain names being valued. There are some automated domain evaluations available, and two of the services offer a free domain evaluation. 

 Automated service ratings are generally based on qualitative measures and do not need to be reviewed by a human to ensure accuracy. Free domain reviews are based on algorithms created by the owner of the review service. 

 Estibot offers an automated domain assessment and GoDaddy now offers a domain assessment tool that is also automated and can be used free of charge. GoDaddy's rating service is called GoValue.

Domain Appraisal Services

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